gallery “Primal” Prelude: Inmate 268449, Broken Hearts & Body Bags

When one becomes obsessed with writing it is a must to document all the electronic messages that travel through the brain. Once you’ve reached your apex; what’s next? Trying to outdo you, write the best story ever thought of by man. I find the romance of just picking up a pen and writing down my thoughts and fantasies on paper. Instead of pleasing the reader, how about pleasing the writer hidden inside of you! There are thoughts that I have never shared with anyone. What’s the point of being politically correct in a society that preaches freedom of speech and self expression? These are opinions and visions that have been locked in my brain for years that I’ve now decided to bring to life. Totally uninhibited, not reserved, unrestrained, candid, and most importantly: natural (primal). 

-Brother Hypnotic

Pleased to announce that I’ve published two short stories in a collaboration effort in a book called “Primal” by none other than Brother Hypnotic of! The stories are raw, candid, and a bit erotic as a lead-in for a book that I am publishing early 2018 called “Inmate 268449: Broken Hearts & Body Bags” You do not want to miss this sneak peak into a rare view of my masterful story-telling style that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You won’t regret it! 

Here’s the link! 


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