gallery Dear Black Man (For Those Seeking Confirmation Through Status Validation)

Dear Black Man,


If white women are your affliction-

Don’t look to me

To cure your addiction

With hot passionate nights

By the moonlight


For you won’t love me right

& I’ll be up all night

With my gut feeling tight

Looking on social media

Trying to understand

Why your love feels like a namebrand


You’ll call me insecure though

While she’s stroking your ego


Looking to me

For help with business plans

Cause she won’t understand

Your struggle as a black man



Keeping your white whore on the side

For status, validation and confirmation

For when you finally fly


Power strokes & wild rides



You’re breaking my melanted pride

& inside a piece of me dies


So just keep it real

For I don’t need your steel….

Double-edged blade


Praying with me

While you’re playing with her…


Us black women

Have incurred enough hurt

From the moment we were birthed


So please understand

And don’t try to manipulate me

While my heart is in your hands


There are 31 flavors

And I require no special one


I ask only this…

Stop being so vain

And if white women are your affliction

To cure your lack of validation & your need for confirmation…

Then satisfy your thirst.


Just don’t look to me-

For one of us,
May leave in a hearst.


-Phoenix Divine (3-14-17)



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