image He Was…

He was,
Terrified to love her…
More than most.
So terrified that she would run away…
That she wouldn’t stay…

His love always seemed to have a twisted effect…
Instead of passion returned,
It was hate.
Even though it presented as love,
From the gate.

She spoke of fate,
From the very first date.
Selfless love wasn’t just an appetizer,
But the full plate.

And so,
He was terrified to love her,
Because she wasn’t like most.
He holds back on his kisses,
Afraid that if he gives her too much,
he’ll run out of luck,
and he’ll be stuck.
Once again losing a lover and a best friend.

He may be primal,
But he holds back on romantic passion.
Trying to comprehend,
If she’s a reason, season  or a lifetime kind of girl.
He hopes it’s the latter,
Because she’s filled with so much love and laughter.
But he’s tired of trying,
And losing the very thing that he’s sought after.

There she goes, giving him that patient loving look again…

But he can’t help but to wonder,
When that look will end.
When she’ll grow tired of being patient with him.

And so he’s terrified to love her.
But she’s not terrified of him.

She smiles,
Knowing what is within.
Embracing his darkness,
Laying him down,
Touching his beautiful brown skin.
Reminding him-
Of the King within.
And she can see him growing stronger,
Even as the conflicts grow darker.
She is mending his broken heart,
In the hopes that when it restarts,
He will kiss her with all off his heart.

Phoenix Divine  (7-20-2016)


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