image Patience

To my future husband…or wife. Whomever, wherever you may be, this is a lyrical manifestation for a desired reality….


Listen here:


Spring brings new things

He has only touched my lips, my face, and my neck

But already he is making me…

Fall into him, not on him

Patience sings, “This is more than just a fling…”


So I am…

Taking my time


Not dating or sleeping around

So archaic and out of place

But patience says, “Wait.”


I am opening my….

Heart and mind

A little more each time

Walks in the park’

He is holding my hands, but it feels like my heart

Long conversations

That don’t lead to tumbling in bed

Just tumbling in his head

I am feeling for his heart…

It is loving and open

I can feel mine heal and restart


Eyes connecting in a deeper more gentle way

Until one day patience says, “Stay.”


Hold me close to the warmth of your heart

Hold me close while it beats in the dark

Hold me close while I sleep tonight

Hold me close until the morning light


This is not celibacy

He is treasuring me and I am savoring him

Watching me open like a thousand petal lotus

Instead of losing focus

I am –

Finally on the right track

Not taking things too fast


Old fashioned girl

Has finally met and old-fashioned guy

Falling in love –

Didn’t just happen because he spent the night


Patience sings, “He’s the One.”

Patience says, “You’ve been patient long enough to know that this is not lust, but love.”

And in that moment

When our lips connected for an electrifying kiss

Patience said, “You are ready, it is time.”


My patience and my virtue are nowhere to be seen

Replaced instead with anticipated ecstasy and orgasmic release

It’s been –

Months of getting acquainted with his Soul

And finally my patience has lost control

Closer to anyone than I have ever been

He truly became my lover –

Than first was my best friend


In the morning –

As the sun peeks through the window

I am smiling harder than ever before –

With tear-stained cheeks

Shed from released joy


And I realize….

That patience is more than a virtue

And actually my friend

Patience has saved me from a life of lust

That left me feeling empty and full of mistrust


Patience says, “Now live your life happy and without sacrifice…”

“For this is your God-given birthright.”

“You are worth more than crumpled sheets, sweat stains and moistened skin.”

“You deserve a selfless lover that honors your sacred Goddess within.”

“He is your gift for being virtuous and true.”

“Be patient no more…”

“Unconditional love is waiting for you.”

-Phoenix Divine




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