image Healers – This is For YOU

Click this link to hear the poem as read by Phoenix Divine!

This is for the healers
The ones that are wounded
The ones that are broken, shattered and fragmented
The ones that have put back together their pieces in the dark
The ones that have had the bravery to restart their own heart
Who choose light over dark 
Accepting the duality of both parts

This is for YOU…

And all the magnificence that YOU do
To increase the vibration of everyone around YOU
Including yourself
YOU would forgo wealth
Accepting poverty as the bottom line
As YOU align your dreams with the Divine

This is for YOU…

For YOU who turned your passion
Into action
And YOUR call
Into a cause
Who took no pause
But instead
Ran towards the front lines
Trying to save humankind
In time

This is for YOU…

For YOU who never quite appreciate YOURself enough
Always pushing forward
With a sense of urgency
Selflessly striving towards the light
Correcting YOUR thoughts
When they aren’t quite right
Who have accepted
Their OWN Divine Birthright

This is for YOU…

I love YOU…

YOU are multidimensional in nature
And human by choice
The angels
Now have a voice

And to YOU…

I bow to the Divine Spark within…
As within
So without
My dear brothers and sisters
This is what being a healer
Is all about

So this is for YOU
I thank you.



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