To the Girl Sitting in the Corner

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Excuse me,

But I couldn’t help but to notice you-

In the corner

And I know that you don’t know me

And please excuse me if this lacks proper form

But I don’t believe that from this position

You are honoring the beauty in which you were born

Your deep soulful eyes do not tell lies but instead twinkle…

With the luminescence of a thousand milky ways

But yet-

When I approach you…

You look away

Your brief glances in my direction speak of a heart that is infinite

But yet fragmented

Fidgeting in your seat

Your pent up passions become nervous energy

Your solace has met an unprecedented enemy

But while fighting this invisible force

Here you are… in the corner and it’s by choice

Afraid to experience the moment

Before quickly running away

Tell me; is this any way for a Goddess to behave?

What is that you say?

But whatever could you mean?

Every woman is a Goddess; you have simply forgotten your divinity…

I would tell you that you are worthy

But you are more than worthy

For your birthright is a throne

You are an amazing creature of divine creation

Born of heaven

Into a world that escapes salvation

Your wisdom, your beauty, and your light

Transform all that cross your path

But yet you are blinded by your experiences with adversity

Listen closely as the birds sing in your name

As the breeze gently kisses your cheek in complete adoration

As the sun’s halo glows in appreciation of you

You are fiercely sensitive yet divinely passionate

Beauty in motion yet humble in devotion

You are purity and innocence destruct

The heart based center of a world filled with greed

YOU ARE a universal TRUTH hidden by a thousand nations

YOU ARE the Divine Feminine

And you are perfectly imperfect sitting in your corner

But the world needs something better than a new world order

We need the return of the divine feminine

Muses,crones, and Oracles awaken!

Come out of the corner

And share your sage wisdom!

You ARE what this world needs!

For you are the calm in the middle of a storm, the rainbow following a tornado’s destruction

You are beautiful beyond measure with an inner light that comes from a place beyond the veil

For you have died a thousand deaths

But still you choose to come back and do it again

Paying for others’ sin

Rise like the Phoenix

Reborn out of the ashes of your own destruction

Do not be afraid to share your truth for all to see! Stand in your power Queen!

Make the world take notice

For when you speak…they will listen

When you sing…they will be forever changed                                                    

When you heal…we will ALL ascend

Transforming this world of vicious karmic cycles and never-ending pain

So you see, I couldn’t help but to notice you

Your beauty was radiating for all to see

Sitting in the back, ever so quietly

With your thoughts loudly displayed upon your face

There you sit, in Grace

While the world self-destructs

And male energy runs amuck

You have the power to right this wrong

To balance the dark and light

To end separation, crisis, war, poverty and all world plights

Your obligation is to be a Queen

A goddess of divine feminine energy

A beacon of love for all to see

But you give your power away so frivolously

Stop and listen to your Inner Sage Wisdom

You have more than what you think you were given

And it’s time that you realize what you are missing

So please excuse me if this lacks proper form

But I don’t believe that from this position

You are honoring the beauty in which you were born

-Phoenix Divine

(c) Copyright; All Rights Reserved



  1. I willl never forget the first (only) time that I saw you speak at Laughs Unlimited. THIS PIECE made me feel like there was a spotlight on the distant table where I sat alone. At the end, It took everything in me to approach you with thanks. You are truly an inspiring vessel! Thank you!

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  2. Your words are truly humbling! This poem was written for women like you…and me. You are a beautifully courageous woman that has brought me great joy since making your acquaintance! Never forget that I am but a reflection of everything that is withIN you already. Much love, peace, and blessings my sister!


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